Command Wear

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CommandWear creates software for mobile and wearable devices. They target the global public safety & security market, who are looking for better ways to track and communicate with personnel in the field and coordinate resources during any type of crisis, major event or disaster.

As a part of the design team I did a UX audit of the web app for tablets, to rebuild the experience.  Going through each feature and comparing it to the actual user needs, we were able to make simpler and more valuable interactions.
Work included conceptualizing, wireframes. flow diagrams and prototyping.

A Global Mechanic Project.

Workspace Design for Volt ApS

Design for flexibility in a growing startup

I designed the work space and managed the complete move into Volt ApS‘ new office in Copenhagen. Working with a startup in that stage, counted a number of unknown needs and work processes. The budget were tight and the timeframe a month. Through observation, discussion and being part of their every day, I got insights to their work flow and needs. A huge focus was to purchase simple low priced interior as well as used furniture, in sizes that enabled agility. I involved the whole team in put together the IKEA furniture and set up – and test various solutions. Furtherore I spend the first week there continuing observation to be able to adjust the design further.


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Heat Service

Design of a Product/Service-System to increase sales of heat pumps in DK| Master Project DTU

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To break  the barriers keeping customers from investing in heat pumps today, I developed three new product/service systems. All with a focus on lowering customer responsibilities and adding services, to increase economic potential, environmental benefit and customer experience. The project was carried out in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, with support from the heat pump and energy industry.

The development process in brief:

- Design research – etnography, qualitative interviews, surveys, litterature + web.
Analysis of the current heat pump sales system, with emphasis on the user experience + Failure mode and effects analysis of  the purchase process
Conceptualisation of multiple product/service-systems concepts – brainstorm, participatory design, sketching, scenarios,
–  Business design and implementation strategy – business model canvas, customer psycology, customer + market validation.

award-icon_3-01Award winning project

The project was awarded M-Prisen from the Mechanical Engineers Initiative Fund, for a great contribution of knowledge and inspiration to field. Awarded at the ASME 2014 12th Biennial Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis (ESDA2014) in Copenhagen, June 2014. Project partner: Kia Handler Krøjgaard.

See the full industry guide   |   See the full report   |   See the poster

Social Innovation & Business

Can a company sell coffee to start a nurse clinic in Uganda?

Mount Elgon Coffee House was founded by two nurses to create economic base to start a health clinic in Uganda, all voluntary and part-time. I developed a guide on how their website, facebook and coffee packaging can spread the word and sell the coffee under a unified brand. It was in close collaboration with the two founders, and involved brainstorming, flow charts, business model canvas and litterature on social media.

See the full guide | See the webpage

Kitchen Collective

Visual indentity

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Kitchen Collective is an early stage startup making it easier for culinary entrepreneurs to start and build a business. Their solution is a shared kitchen – like a incubator or common workspace for food entrepreneurs. I designed their visual identity, through discussing ideas an needs, with a focus on simplicity. The logo resembles a plate for food, but also how Kitchen Collective provides a holistic service solution to food entrepreneurs.

Logo, business card, illustrations | illustrator & inDesign

Integrating education in play

Design of a playground with educational elements in Colombia



As a part of a intercultural project group, I conceptualized a playground integrating learning elements for the rural area  Carmen de Viboral in Colombia. Research were gathered through workshops engaging kids, touring the village and looking into their cuture of ceramics. The playing elements were based on ceramic shapes and methods. It sought to give future users insight in their cultural heritage of handmade ceramics, which is slowly disappearing due to new and cheaper manufacturing processes.