Project Management | Design | Startups

I am an entrepreneurial spirit who seeks to create results and make things.


I have started up a Student organisation. Build an incubator for student startups. Consulted startups with graphic- workspace- and business design. Presented to the industry about the need for a future heat pump design. Supported a company reach their customers better in selling heat pump heat as a service. I have connected people through events and workshops. Developed a playground in Colombia. Been a saleswoman at a furniture house and served steakes at a restaurant. And for one summer many years ago, I carried a 4m high doll around in a show at tivoli. 


Theory + Practical experience

I hold a master degree in engineering from the Technical University of Denmark.

I know about design research using anthropological and sociological methods. How to put data into context, analyse it and generate valuable insights. How to conceptualize new solutions, make prototypes and validate them with future users and stakeholders. And I have a lot of practical experience with it.