Spicing up a pair of Vans

Posted on Jun 4, 2014 in DIY

Having a pair of shoes that just doesn’t do it for you anymore? Paint ‘em up!

On a roadtrip up the US west coast, I hit up a number of outlets including VANS stores. In my search for slip-ons, I found these simple gray shoes on sale. Only later did I realise – gray shoes are too simple for me. So after an google research for inspiration and a lot of thinking overthinking, I decided on silver and white.


A pair of shoes, acrylic paint, brushes, and newspapers to cover the work area. A good idea is to have a damp cloth nearby to wipe off any unwanted spots.

How to:

  1. Find your color. I tested a number of different silver colors in store (on my hand) to see the color in real light, the thickness, the shine etc. For the white I just picked the cheapest on sale.
  2. Wash and dry your shoes to get dirt of. Mine were pretty new and clean, so clear water and a sponge was enough.
  3. Paint. If you are unsure of the final result (I was – haven’t worked with silver acrylic paint on fabric before), start out with a smaller area, prefereably someplace that is not so obvious to the eye. I started with the back, and gave it a few layers of silver to see if it would work (eventually overlayering with white). And then I just jumped into it.
  4. THIN Layers! Make sure the fabric kind of draw in the paint  to ensure a smooth surface. You don’t want to rush through and give it thick layers.Let it dry, paint again and continue until you have the desired result. I gave mine 3-4 layers.
  5. Show off! Put them on! Dance! And show of your new beauties to the world.

Happy wednesday!