Making an old shirt new again

Posted on May 18, 2014 in DIY

Do you also have an old shirt or a skirt, that is still really comfortable, but just not that cool anymore? Here’s to hiding outdated prints with new fabrics, and making it so fucking awesome again!

  • DIYShirt_3

This is an old H&M mens sweat shirt, basic and worn a lot – partly due to comfortability and mostly due to the neon print. I could just throw it out and buy a new one with a new print, but my eco-lets-reuse-until-death mindset does not allow me to, really. Anyhow, heres a short insight to what I did and how you can do it.

1: play! First i played around with various leftovers of materials – silk, nylon, white denim, until a match was found (this is probably the part that takes the longest!) 2: wash! To make it easier to play around with, wash and iron the shirt. 3: paint! Working with white fabrics makes it more difficult to hide any darker colour or contrasty print, therefore i started by painting it over – white paint did not cover very well, so silver gray did it for me. And I would recommend choosing the same colour of paint as the garment you are working with. 4: cut and sew! With a semi decided goal I cut out squares, folded, ironed and stiched the edges by hand and pinned them one by one to the shirt. And then I ran it through the machine, and voilá. I ended up with a simpler version, but who knows, maybe I’ll add more one day.

This is really an iterative process, to find out what works and how you want it to look in the end. All materials are leftovers from previous projects, which makes it less painfull if you make a mistake (i guess?).