Do balloons increase happiness?

Posted on May 4, 2014 in Inspiration


Who knew biking with 20 helium filled balloons, would make people ekstra ordinary happy? I used to work at a steak house, where we would give balloons to the kids – and they would smile and be happy. These would be green or pink branded balloons, great for both company and kid. However,  I brought my own 20-so balloon, simply to bring them to a graduation party for my two friends. As a practical dane, I always bike, and having these balloons in strings of a meter or two, tightened to my handlebars, worked out as planned. Not easy, but not too difficult. The bike took somewhat of 30 minutes, but wow did they turn out to be happy.

The first thought was “I’m going to look silly, hope i don’t break anything or fall over. Let’s go”  first guys who sees me, runs towards me and beg to buy one, or all of them. I turned him down, but got a smile in return. Such a wonderful feeling. Next up was the biking. A bit slow through afternoon rush hour, people would stop and glare, smile, wave and a truck driver even honked and waved.

JUST because of the gallons, everyone got excited – not just kids. I have considered to do it again, just for the fun of it, but to not ruin the experience, I will leave it to that happy moment. Have you tried something similar?

Happy sunday!