A simple travel-with-style strategy

Posted on Jan 29, 2014 in Style

travel with style

Travelling with style, one must be sure of many possibilities. For this, I have created a little strategy for packing as light as possible, while maintaining the option to mix and match (whehoo!)  It is not always easy, so as an engineer I think in functionality when it comes to packing. Especially the short weekend trips where one only pays for the bring-on-board way-to0-little suitcase, for one billion outfits, right? Anyway, one must look stunning (anything else would be a waste for, lets say.. visiting london), and that’s a fact. The photo documents a slice of outfits for a summer weekend in London.

The trick is to fold each piece of apparel nicely – the more compact the better. Most importantly is must give an indication of material, print, and overall look of the item. I usually start with my newest or most in-love item, and place the remaining possibilities around, next to the stuff it matches. When everything you think will be “perfect” to bring, is laid out,  the hard part follows: hacking away the unessential as Bruce Lee would say. You remove the pieces there are too many of (like too many white t-shirts),  the ones that have the fewest matching items and so on. Finally you should have fewer pieces that still enable plenty more outfits than you actually need.

And dear, this is only the clothes. Put  jewellery and accesories on top to ensure the perfect travel pack.

You could also just pay that extra cash for bringing closer to unlimitted options – but really, you don’t need it. And those coins can become a nice latté or healthy smoothie that compliments your big-city-im-just-strolling-down-this-street-look or a new lovable item. It’s up to you.

How do you ensure to bring the right stuff?