A lasercut fox with a twist

Posted on Dec 16, 2013 in DIY



I have a friend, she loves animals, especially that of foxes. Last week was her birthday, and turning 27 one needs to remember the true story of life – shit happens. So to match these two things into a piece reminding us all of not taking life and style too serious, the poo poo fox was made.

It consists of white acrylic, a piece of leather string and a small chain of silver, holding a small poo in wood. It was laser cut and created at Republikken.  A special thanks to Nanna Betz for assistance during the whole process.

Engraved in the poor fox, is the text found at the same picture as the fox was drawn from:

” The fox puts his poo freely as territorial marking at visible places.”


The fox from its behind – the engraving shows, but quietly.


“Happy Monday” the fox says and strolls further into the sunset.