Randomise or accessorise? Inspiration for upcyclers

Posted on Dec 4, 2013 in DIY


Considering fashion from a consious-consumer perspective, I am a paradox.  I love, like really love, new beautiful things, and i fall in love with these things. Like last weekend, where I with little consideration threw money after jewellery (However, beautiful and wonderful simoultaneously!) anyway, as I fell over this beautiful look, I couldn’t help notice the delicious randomness it has to it.

Is that a neclace or a broken down photo frame from an old man friend that was just an ass? And is that neclace one of pearls on a string? And did she just add some blondes to a neoprene blouse, just like that? Probably not. I don’t know the price or origin of the before mentioned items, but in the case of the wearer being Taylor Tomasi Hill, she probably knows what she is doing. I think it looks wonderfully random and stylish, dont you?

However, considering the fact that these items does look a bit like random stuff, let’s just be inspired to reuse, event the wierdest things as neclaces, and add some blonde stripes to our plain shirts. And the best point? It is supposed to look raw, so nevermind cutting it straight or sewing the edges.

Randomcessories never gets outdated. Its the beginning to everything. I will look into this in the near future, will you?

Photo credentials goes to stockholm-streetstyle.