Random stuff and scrapp equals new jewels

Posted on Oct 28, 2013 in DIY


Many years ago, when I was on my way out the door for a new years eve party, i was desperate! I did not only have a crisis of the so called I have nothing in my closet-one, I also dreamed of beautiful jewels to wear, so the evening was a well as set to be nothing good from the start.

However, I set out to change that, I grabbed something black and tight, something loose and see through, and then banged up some random stuff from my pearl box, a cork from one of those lonely nights sharing a bottle of champagne alone (not really!) a key, some christmas-card-deco, a pearl, something from a bike, some scrapp metal and so on. It has ever since become a loved one, and one day when the string broke, i just added new stuff and voila, as good as new.

What do you think? Does it do the trick for you? Or do my door-look look too real?