Hi there, i’m Mette

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Experience designer and maker of things

I’m all about figuring out how to turn an idea into something real. The process of understanding a problem at its core, finding a way to solve it through design thinking and then creating it through iterative user engagement, is what drives me. I look for posibilities instead of obstacles, and often push my self to get out of my comfort zone. I am originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, but currently living in Vancouver, BC.

I’m interested in how people behave and interact with products and technology, and what really motivates me is how we can use design to influence or help users in their daily life. With an open mindset and analytical approach, I always seek to understand the core of a problem to design the best solution. And for the last 6 years I have worked with startups, because I love to see new ideas being realized and to work with passionate people.


What I do.

Holistic Design


Gain User Insights

I combine methodologies and disciplines such as psychology, science, systems development, product-, service design, storytelling, technical communication, and design thinking, to engage and understand users and stakeholders.


Design, Prototype, Iterate

I work in an agile style, turning user insights into ideas and concepts that can be tested and iterated upon, to ensure optimal solutions. And I always consider the context of a product or service as a greater system, to design for more scenarios.


Think Business In

I understand the need for a business opportunity  in every idea, using from consumer behaviour psychology, social media, mvp’s and business model thinking to validate.

Companies I have worked with

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Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Say hi@mettemaagensen.dk or +1 (778) 829-0811